Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rhinoceros Sondaicus, The Fading Forest Giant

Hidden deep within the tropical rainforests of southeast Asia is a rare and remarkable animal. It is so rare, in fact, that scientists don't even study it for fear of interrupting any possible breeding activity.

So there are few pictures of this animal, and even fewer videos.

Only in the rainforest could an animal that exceeds ten feet in length and weighs in excess of two tons be anything other than highly visible.

That's right. I'm not talking about some secretive long nosed bat-shrew, but about one of the largest mammals in all of Asia.

Rhinoceros sondaicus, the javan rhinoceros.

Once the most widespread Asian rhino, ranging all over southeast Asia and the Indonesian islands, the javan rhino now exists in only two places on earth.

Fewer than 60 browse for young leaves and fallen fruit in the protected Ujung Kulon National Park in western Java.

Less than eight struggle to survive in Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam. Needless to say, their chances of a continued existence are slim.

None live in captivity.

All efforts have been made to leave these creatures alone, so that they might recover in their solitude. Still, they are at great risk.

You see, there are impoverished villages that are close to these wonderful creature's habitat.

That in and of itself isn't so bad, but when you add the fact that javan rhino horn goes for as much as 30,000 dollars per kilogram the  situation becomes dire. It is difficult to explain to villagers with hungry children that they should preserve a creature with no commercial value.

The situation is not hopeless, however. As long as these creatures can be left in silence and solitude, there is always hope. If you would like to help by adopting a javan rhino, go to adopt a javan rhino through the WWF. Let's all come together and show the world that the true value of life is so much more than commercial.


  1. A jungle dwelling rhino, never would have guessed it. Good post.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.