Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Bumblebee Bat
This tiny creature is the bumblebee bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai).

About the size of a large bumblebee and weighing less than a penny, it is the smallest mammal on the planet.

Unfortunately, like many of the wonderful creatures that populate this planet, this diminutive bat stands on the edge of extinction. Only a few thousand remain in western Thailand and southeast Myanmar.
Dwelling in limestone caves along heavily forested rivers, their future is an uncertain one. The main threat to this species is the annual burning of their home forests.

It is sad, really. It seems like every cool new creature I learn about comes with this disclaimer.

 Warning: species on the brink of extinction.

It seems bleak, But I can't help but be optimistic. We humans made this mess, which means it is within our power to fix it. I can only hope we do before its too late for this tiny furry flyer.


  1. Terrific stuff, Jason - this and the luna moth. So pleased I happened to find your blog on NetworkedBlogs before it got swamped with buzzing spammers...!

  2. Could they have been ending up on the dinner table..? The bigger ones are. Not offending anyone about food preferences, just maybe needing a bit of control to ensure continous population of the bats...

  3. Not so much for food, but I know the illegal pet trade has been harsh on these little guys.