Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Fossorial Blue Beauty
Look at this picture. Bask in the glowing beauty of the rich, fertile rainforest of Thailand.

But know that the true beauty in this picture lies beneath the surface.

She is a fossorial creature, meaning she is built for a life in the earth. Living in a complex system of well built tunnels, this wonderful beast only ventures forth into open air when the night is dark and the rumblings in her empty stomach override her deep need for the security of tight spaces.

Then she emerges, and the whole forest pauses in silent appreciation.
Haplopelma lividum, the tarantula so blue it hurts the eyes. Reaching a legspan of nearly seven inches, this massive hunter is not a creature to be messed with.

It makes you wonder, really, why such a savage creature would spend so much of it's time hiding away in the dark.

It is almost as if she knows, deep down, how beautiful she is and withholds that beauty from the world.

So, please, go out into the forests of Southeast Asia. Find a hole and wait.

She is a shy beauty, but I guarantee you that the sight of her rising from her deep sanctuary like some night blooming blue earth flower will make all the hours spent waiting in that damp jungle feel like time well spent.


  1. Short and sweet post. I Like it. I never seen such beautiful creatures in my naked eye. I would like to see them one day.


  2. Seven inch spider. Eehhh not so sure about that. I'll let you take the pictures. Sure is pretty.