Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hungry Plants In Motion
Plants are often thought of as boring organisms. They just sit there, soaking up sunlight and drinking water from the soil.

In reality, the plant world is very dynamic. Trees thrust hard into the sky, battling for every scrap of sunlight. Vines swarm up from the forest floor, choking out their hosts in their desperate search for nutrients.

Some plants even kill and consume live prey, especially in areas like bogs and marshes where soil quality is low.

I could spend days writing about the wonders of carnivorous plants, but instead I will leave you with a couple of excellent videos I found on some particularly cool plant hunters.

Watch closely, especially the time lapse video, and hopefully you will come to share my appreciation of the violent world of plants.

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  1. South American wonder..over here in Malaysia, we have the pitcher plants. Same modus operandi as the flytraps. Great article..